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We offer coaching services to not just corporate executives, but also individuals such as new managers, high-potential performers, entrepreneurs, and those in a career transition. 

We’ve worked with leaders in large organizations such as Netflix and Accenture, as well as those in small, boutique firms and startups.  See how coaching can benefit you and your team by watching our principal coach, Brandi, describe her approach.



Kind Words From Our Clients

"When I started my coaching experience with Clear Lotus Consulting, I didn’t have many expectations. I was in a transition period at work. My team and charter were fast evolving and I was leading a new, ambiguous part of the business. Given that my role and the company are demanding, I was hoping to be able to step back and identify where and how I could have the most impact for my team and ultimately the business. When Brandi and I meet, I feel like each session is a shot in the arm.  Checking in with her enables me to look back at what I have accomplished, what needs to get done, and what is truly important. In the fast-paced nature of Silicon Valley, where everything is evolving quickly and happening at once, our sessions enable me to slow down, focus on myself and strategic thinking, and put more form to the future, so I can guide the outcome versus reacting in the moment. I leave each session feeling more focused with a better handle on how to face the myriad of things that work and life throws at me."

Design executive at Netflix

"Brandi has an overwhelming commitment to her clients that is apparent from the first time you meet her, and is not confined to what can be described on paper. She strikes the ideal balance between nurturing and challenging that allows even skeptical clients such as myself to let their guard down and benefit from her expertise. I would highly recommend working with Brandi and Clear Lotus Consulting to anyone who is interested in taking their career to the next (or different) level."

Former “Big 5” accounting executive and entrepreneur

"Brandi has provided me with tools and guidance to move forward, not only my professional self, but also my personal self. I’ve come to realize they are tightly intertwined and should not be treated independently. She has helped me to value myself as a whole person in a stronger way, has instilled confidence, provided inspiration and ideas that are motivating, and has helped me to step back from myself in a way that allows me to be an observer of my thoughts and thought patterns, rather than someone who becomes wrapped up in moments and unable to get out of their own way."

Federal management consulting executive

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